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If you are renting your residence, don't rely on your landlord's insurance to cover you. Rental insurance can be used to reimburse expenses for losses, damages and much more. Even if you don't think your personal belongings are worth much, read on to learn how you can benefit from rental coverage.


What is It?

A rental insurance policy is designed to provide you with coverage for losses related to a storm, fire, smoke, theft or vandalism.


Who Benefits?

Anyone who rents an apartment or house and has valuable items inside their home benefits from a rental insurance policy.


How Does It Work?

A renters insurance policy works by insuring the contents of your rental apartment or house. While the landlord likely has insurance on the actual structure, you are responsible for your personal belongings.


Are There Coverage Options?

Yes. Rental insurance can be tweaked according to the value of your personal belongings. Also, if you wish to include liability coverage for non-resident bodily harm, additional coverage can be added.


What Are the Major Benefits?

Rental insurance will reimburse damaged, lost and stolen items such as jewelry, electronics, and furniture. Additionally, personal liability coverage is available to protect you against any legal action taken by a non-resident who is injured at your home. Rental insurance usually includes additional living costs; if you must temporarily move out of your rental in the event of repairs, your insurance will pay your cost of living during this time.

In the event you suffer damages to your personal belongings, a rental insurance policy will ensure that you receive compensation for your losses. In addition, if you are forced to move out while repairs after a damage occur, your policy will pay for your cost of living expenses. Perhaps most assuring is the protection from litigation in the event someone gets hurt while visiting your home. As you can see, renters insurance is a necessity when leasing an apartment or house.

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