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Accident Insurance

Accident Insurance Policies

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Accident insurance provides policyholders and their family members with cash benefits so that they can pay for the out-of-pocket expenses when they suffer an accidental injury. No one can predict when, where and how they will sustain an injury, but they can predict that the costs associated with seeking a treatment for that injury will be high. Accident insurance is a supplemental form of protection that will help relieve the financial burden that comes with accidental injury at all ages.


Who Is It For?

This is a supplemental form of protection that is not designed to replace the need for traditional major medical or health insurance. Instead, it is designed for people with major medical plans that have specific exclusions or high annual deductibles and co-payments. It can also be a great plan for young college students or families who are traveling out of the state or out of the country. The plans will not only cover scenarios that may be denied by your medical insurer, they will also provide benefits for types of expenses other than treatment and hospital stays.


How does It work?

When you hold accidental injury insurance, claiming benefits is quick and easy. In the unfortunate event that you are injured, you can call the insurer and file a claim for benefits. You will need to provide proof of medical treatment showing that you have had a covered accident. Once verified, the cash payment will be sent directly to you and you can use it for various expenses.


Different Types of Coverage

Accident protection provides coverage for many different types of injuries. Contusions, lacerations, concussions, broken teeth, confinement in intensive care and broken bones are all covered scenarios. You will also receive benefits to cover the cost of transport to the emergency room, the cost of the visit, and the cost for medical exams. Each plan's actual coverage options will vary.

Accident protection will provide you with money that you will need to pay for expenses that you never even considered you would have to pay for. Your mortgage company, landlord and creditors do not stop collecting when you are injured. Accident protection protects you so that your world is not turned upside down as you recover and heal.

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